About Me

A lifetime ago, many miles from anywhere you’ve ever been, a story brewed in the darkness that marked one of the scariest nights of my life – the night a storm tore through the town my family called home.

I’d always had a fantastic imagination but on this night, keeping my little sister, Eva, distracted with my words and not focused on the storm forming around us was most important to me.

In a bare kitchen, in the tropical forest of Africa, I spun a tale with magic, mythical creatures and full of adventure. The tale grew and took a life of its own, soon, we were transported into this magical world I’d created.

That was my first story. And yes, we did survive the storm.

I started writing the next day. Spinning tales that started in dreams and ended on pages of notebooks.

Life has taken me to the magical places:  the cobbled streets of Paris, the never sleeping boroughs of New York, the medieval cities of Europe, and the deep jungles of Africa. Now I call a beach city in California home, but I still write. Because my first loves still live in books and my mind still wanders.

I write stories of characters struggling to navigate the strange world between youth and adulthood while reimagining our world and blending it with magic and science.

During the day, I’m a scientist. At night, I’m an explorer of strange lands and my stories try to capture the magic of it all.

Welcome to my world.